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Possible wolves trades

Posted on: May 24, 2010 10:14 am

Alright, with the season being over for all but 3 teams (Orlando's done) and the draft fast approaching it's time for some trade ideas for my T-Wolves.

Alright trade #1
T-Wolves get Elton Brand and pick #2
Warriors get Al Jefferson
Memphis gets Monta Ellis
Philly gets OJ Mayo and Hasheem Thabeet

Why the wolves do it? We get Turner and grab Cousins at 4 to give us a great core moving forward. We have to take Elton Brands horrid contract but I can live with that.

Why the Warriors do it? There have been rumors that Nellie may be done and when he is they would like to slow it down a bit. Al Jefferson would give them the low post threat they haven't had in decades.

Why Memphis does it? They have already offered Mayo and Thabeet for Ellis and they have said the deal is still on the table.

Philly- They don't get Turner but they get a proven NBA scorer who's only a couple month's older than Turner and a young prospect who actually showed some promise towards the end of the year.

Trade #2
T-Wolves get Andre Iguodala
Philly gets pick # 7 and Tayshaun Prince
Detroit gets Al Jefferson and pick #23

Why the T-Wolves do it? They don't get Turner but they get the next best thing. Iggy is a similar player to Turner, fits the triangle well and opens up a spot for Cousins or Wes Johnson who would fit very well next to Iggy. Also lets Iggy move back to his natural position.

Why Philly does it? it allows them to commit to the Evan Turner era immediately and get another Top Draft Pick to invest in the frontcourt that would be at the same age as their Holliday, Turner, Young, Speights core.  They also get a high quality immediate replacement in Tayshaun Prince that could be valuable up until the trading deadline or can be used just to clear salary.  Good value for Iguoadala.

Why Detroit does it? Dumars has been looking for a low post scoring threat, who better to trade for than Al Jefferson. They also get a cheap bench player at 23.

Trade #3
T-Wolves get pick #2 and Elton Brand
Philly gets Al Jefferson and Ryan Gomes

Why the wolves do it? They get Evan Turner. Like above they have to take on Elton Brand doing it but I think I can live with that if Turner is as good as I think he is.

Why Philly does it? They are stuck with Elton Brand, they can't sign anyone, he doesn't fit there team, he isn't productive. Al is cheaper and better and Gomes has a non guaranteed contract that could be bought out to save more money.

Trade #4
T-Wolves get Tayshaun Prince and pick #7
Detroit gets Al Jefferson

Why the wolves do it? We get a nice 3 who could be fliped at the deadline to a contender. Also we get the #7 pick along with number 4. I would take Cousins at 4 and than either Xavier Henry, Wes Johnson or Aminu at 7.

Why Detroit does it? They get there low post scorer in Al Jefferson which is more than they will likely get at #7


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Possible wolves trades

Apparently, the Bucks are trying to get Kevin Love.

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