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Possible wolves trades

Alright, with the season being over for all but 3 teams (Orlando's done) and the draft fast approaching it's time for some trade ideas for my T-Wolves.

Alright trade #1
T-Wolves get Elton Brand and pick #2
Warriors get Al Jefferson
Memphis gets Monta Ellis
Philly gets OJ Mayo and Hasheem Thabeet

Why the wolves do it? We get Turner and grab Cousins at 4 to give us a great core moving forward. We have to take Elton Brands horrid contract but I can live with that.

Why the Warriors do it? There have been rumors that Nellie may be done and when he is they would like to slow it down a bit. Al Jefferson would give them the low post threat they haven't had in decades.

Why Memphis does it? They have already offered Mayo and Thabeet for Ellis and they have said the deal is still on the table.

Philly- They don't get Turner but they get a proven NBA scorer who's only a couple month's older than Turner and a young prospect who actually showed some promise towards the end of the year.

Trade #2
T-Wolves get Andre Iguodala
Philly gets pick # 7 and Tayshaun Prince
Detroit gets Al Jefferson and pick #23

Why the T-Wolves do it? They don't get Turner but they get the next best thing. Iggy is a similar player to Turner, fits the triangle well and opens up a spot for Cousins or Wes Johnson who would fit very well next to Iggy. Also lets Iggy move back to his natural position.

Why Philly does it? it allows them to commit to the Evan Turner era immediately and get another Top Draft Pick to invest in the frontcourt that would be at the same age as their Holliday, Turner, Young, Speights core.  They also get a high quality immediate replacement in Tayshaun Prince that could be valuable up until the trading deadline or can be used just to clear salary.  Good value for Iguoadala.

Why Detroit does it? Dumars has been looking for a low post scoring threat, who better to trade for than Al Jefferson. They also get a cheap bench player at 23.

Trade #3
T-Wolves get pick #2 and Elton Brand
Philly gets Al Jefferson and Ryan Gomes

Why the wolves do it? They get Evan Turner. Like above they have to take on Elton Brand doing it but I think I can live with that if Turner is as good as I think he is.

Why Philly does it? They are stuck with Elton Brand, they can't sign anyone, he doesn't fit there team, he isn't productive. Al is cheaper and better and Gomes has a non guaranteed contract that could be bought out to save more money.

Trade #4
T-Wolves get Tayshaun Prince and pick #7
Detroit gets Al Jefferson

Why the wolves do it? We get a nice 3 who could be fliped at the deadline to a contender. Also we get the #7 pick along with number 4. I would take Cousins at 4 and than either Xavier Henry, Wes Johnson or Aminu at 7.

Why Detroit does it? They get there low post scorer in Al Jefferson which is more than they will likely get at #7

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BNW2's big board #1

Being a Timberwolves fan, my favorite time of the basketball season is these next few months are my favorites and not because of the NBA playoffs, no I love the NBA draft. There's always a plethera of questions that come with the draft, who will declare, which guys will jump up the boards for seemingly no reason, and who will fall because of minor detractions in their game or character?  I am normally steady in my takes when no new information is coming about, but I am not impervious to hype.  Players rankings may shift because maybe I hear an argument I didn't hear before, or maybe there are second-hand reports which catch my eye and make me rethink things. With that being said I present my first big board of the year, enjoy.

Tier 1
John Wall-PG 6-4,  195, 19 years old (has declared for the NBA draft)
Tier 2
Evan Turner-SG/SF 6-7, 205, 21 years old (has declared for the NBA draft)
Tier 3
Derrick Favors- PF 6-10, 246, 18 years old (has declared for the NBA draft)
DeMarcus Cousins-C 6-11, 270, 19 years old (has declared for the NBA draft)
Tier 4
Wes Johnson- SF 6-7, 195, 22 years old (hasn't declared for the NBA draft)
Al-Farouq Aminu- SF/PF 6-8, 210, 19 years old (has declared for the NBA draft)
Ed Davis- PF 6-9, 215, 20 years old (hasn't declared for the NBA draft)
Greg Monroe- PF/C 6-11, 19 years old (hasn't declared for the NBA draft)
Tier 5
Xavier Henry- SG 6-6, 210, 19 years old (has declared for the NBA draft)
Hassan Whiteside- C 7-0, 235, 20 years old (has declared for the NBA draft)
Cole Aldrich C 6-11, 250, 21 years old (has declared for the NBA draft)
Tier 6
James Anderson- SG 6-6, 195, 21 years old (has declared for the NBA draft)
Devin Ebanks- SF/PF 6-8, 205, 20 years old (hasn't declared for the NBA draft)
Jan Vesely- SF/PF 6-11, 240, 19 years old (hasn't declared for the NBA draft)
Ekpe Udoh- PF 6-10, 240, 22 years old (hasn't declared for the NBA draft)
Tier 7
Patrick Patterson- PF 6-8, 223, 21 years old (has declared for the NBA draft)
Paul George- SG/SF 6-7, 185, 19 years old (has declared for the NBA draft)
Donatas Motiejunas PF/C 7-0, 215, 19 years old (hasn't declared for the NBA draft)
Damion James SF/PF 6-7, 225, 22 years old (hasn't declared for the NBA draft)
Tier 8
Stanley Robinson SF/PF 6-9, 225, 21 years old (senior)
John Henson PF 6-10, 200, 19 years old (hasn't declared for the NBA draft)
Larry Sanders PF/C 6-9, 205, 21 years old (has declared for the NBA draft)
Tier 9
Jarvis Vernado- PF 6-10, 210, 22 years old (Senior)
Willy Warren- SG 6-4, 200, 20 years old (has declared for the NBA draft) 
Solomon Alabi- C 7-1, 251, 21 (hasn't declared for the NBA draft)
Quincy Pondexter- SG/SF 6-6, 220, 22 (Senior)
Tier 10
Daniel Orton PF/C 6-10, 260, 19 years old (has declared for the NBA draft)
Avery Bradley PG/SG 6-3, 180, 19 years old (has declared for the NBA draft)
Gani Lawal PF 6-9, 233, 21 years old (has declared for the NBA draft)
Gordon Hayward SF 6-8, 200, 20 years old (hasn't declared for the NBA draft)

That wraps up my first top 30 big board, hope you enjoyed.

Look out for my first mock draft after the season ends.

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Kevin Love

There hasn't been many positives for my T-Wolves so far this year, Ricky Rubio stayed in Spain, Al Jefferson hasn't returned to full strength yet, Jonny Flynn has been very up and down and many others. However there has been one very big bright spot for this team, Kevin Love.

Just to remind people, Love, Mike Miller and contracts was exchanged for O.J. Mayo and contracts. At the time the deal was highly criticized. Mayo came out and had a very nice rookie season as did Love. The only difference was Mayo put up some great stats whereas you have to watch a game to see Love's full effect. It didn't help that Mike Miller played like garbage either. But anyways back to Love, though he was over shadowed by Mayo he had a very nice rookie season. Leading all rookies in double doubles and it wasn't close. He gained more and more confidence as the year went on and unlike most rookies played his best basketball at the end of the year.

This year Love has really taken the next step and it by far the T-Wolves best player. His jumper looks great this year and he has range all the way to 3pt range. His low post game is getting better every game. He is leading the NBA in rebounding right now though he missed the first 18 games so he doesn't qualify for the rebounding title at the moment. His outlet passing is amazing, he gets Jonny Flynn and Corey Brewer about 8 points each a game with his outlet passing but his passing in the half court is also very good. He is a great pick and roll player and has helped Jonny Flynn's game. His basketball IQ is his biggest strength, it doesn't sound impressive but if you watch him he rarely makes bad decisions with the ball and always knows how a ball is going to bounce off the rim and gets in great position to grab the board.

His biggest weakness last year was defense and that has improved vastly this year. He still has problems against super athletic players but other than that he plays solid defense on people.

Love is one of those players where stats don't even come close to telling the whole story. To give you an idea of his true value when Love is on the court the team gets outscored by 1.1 points per 48 minutes, with him off the court that number sky’s to 12.9 per 48 minutes.

Now let’s look at Mayo, with Mayo on the court Memphis gets outscored by an average of 3.1 points per 48, without him on the court the get outscored by only 2.7 points per 48. So there isn't much difference from when he is on the court to when he isn't, now part of this is because Memphis has a more talented roster than Minnesota but Love has more of an impact on the game than Mayo does.

Just to put those numbers into proportion there are only 19 players in the NBA that get major minutes like Love that have more of an impact on their teams. By no means am I saying Love is the 20th best player in the NBA but this number does show how valuable Love is despite his modest stats.

Love is one of those players that does all the little things extremely well. If you get a chance to watch him play prepare to be positively surprised. He is one of those players that make everyone around him better.

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CPMD Power Rankings #1

Power Rankings number 1

First off I would like to say I know these rankings aren't perfect and if you think your team or some other team is to low or to high let me know, I always love debates. Also let it be known that most of the teams were all really close the top 4 are in another level i think but than after that it's just one big pile of teams that are all pretty close so even if you team is in the bottom part of the rankings doesn't mean that i think it's terrible, just that it might need a minor adjustment.

1) Michigan Sports: Love the experience of this team. It has a strong defensive frontcourt with Duncan and Wallace, two great scorers in LeBron and Ben Gordon and a great leader in Billups. Has nice frontcourt depth but the backcourt depth I’m not sold on.

2) Mother Lover's (MM/Chrisper): Really like the backcourt of this team with Rondo and Kobe, great on both sides of the ball, than at the 3 you have a nice scorer in Jefferson and a decent frontcourt in Randolph and Bynum. Like the frontcourt depth a lot though, but not sold on the wing depth but with Kobe it’s not a huge problem.

3) Bay Harbor Butchers (threegamer13):  I really like the backcourt depth of this team. Very solid with Rose, Redick, Hinrich, Manu, Battier, Gallinari, and Outlaw. The frontcourts starters are very strong with Bosh leading the way but the depth there scares me. Roy Hibbert is your only real big off the bench and he hasn’t impressed me in the NBA.

4) Florkansas Gatorbacks (BucFan/miamifins): How can you not love a KG and Howard frontcourt? Have fun scoring on that people.  The rest of the starting lineup is very solid, Nelson is a very nice guy to run the show, Captain Jack can score, and Brewer can defend and is improving the offense. Besides Will Bynum off the bench, though the bench could struggle. Crawford can score but he gets lit up on the other side of the ball. Ryan Anderson is off to a nice start but I need to see more and the Birdman is over rated, would have loved for you to keep Big Ben.

5) Sulphurous Nonentities (b100d/Harst): I like everything about this team, except the point guards. Mario Chalmers is nice but Wade takes a lot of pressure off of him in Miami and takes over a lot of bringing the ball up duties. This team has no Wade that can do that so I’m not a fan of Chalmers starting. Off the bench Jonny Flynn hasn’t impressed me very much yet. Everything else is very good but I can’t put this team any higher with Flynn and Chalmers running the show.

6) Victorious Basterds (Flash 3/The Big B): I like almost everything about this team. Great point guard in CP3, great scorers in Granger and Ellis, and good offensive frontcourt. Off the bench I like everything as well, but besides Przybilla all your other frontcourt players have below average defenders. Would have liked to see you keep Biedrins and trade Okur. Still this team should score a ton.

7) The Knowledge Organization (kmvenne/ignorepeter): This team might be a little low and sorry for that but I’m just not sold on the point guards. Arenas is a great scorer, but a great point guard not so much in my mind. Also Jeff Green is more of an under sized 4 than a 3 in my mind. Still great defensive frontcourt and a great clutch scorer in Roy. The whole bench is very solid.

8) The Bus Drivers (Skins8): Again probably a little low but I just don’t like that frontcourt. Kaman’s solid but not a fan of anyone else in your frontcourt. Odom is more of a bench player to me. Still the rest of your team is very good. Once Harris comes back healthy you have a great point guard duo with Jennings (I was wrong you were right by the way).  Good scorers at all the wings starting and on the bench though defense could be a slight problem for you.

9) D Leaguers (Cain=CYYOUNG): Very talented team, once Jamison gets back that’s a nice frontcourt both can score inside and outside. Lewis is a matchup nightmare always fun to have. Westbrook is good but turns it over too much, but you have a great backup in Brooks so it’s all good. Not a huge fan of Ariza but a lot of others are so I guess he’s fine there.

10) Mcgradykid134/BrendanQ24 : This team is going to score, but can they defend? Tony Parkers okay but the rest of their starters are below average defenders at this point. Off the bench they have some solid veterans that can play some defense but those starters scare me a little bit.

11) Bunch of Bull (windy city joe): Joes trades don’t always make a ton of sense and right now I don’t really get the plan for this team but I’m sure Joe has a plan and I’m sure it’s a good one. He has solid players but the lack of depth in the backcourt could hurt him and there’s going to be a bit of a log jam for minutes in the frontcourt.

12) Ruff Ryders (nate75): This team all depends on when/if Big Al gets back to 100 percent. Right now they really lack frontcourt scoring but if they had a healthy Big Al that would give this team 3 great scoring threats with Durant, Gordon, and Big Al. Defense could hurt this team a little bit though, seeing as none of those 3 great scorers play defense. Camby is getting up there in years but he can still play some nice defense in the paint for a while and Kidd is still a nice defensive player. The bench is pretty solid all around some nice scoring.

13) GoCavs33/BostonBay44: This team has a great starting lineup, but a very questionable bench.  Also I love Biedrins upfront but O’Neal not so much. If Blake Griffin turns out to be a stud this team moves up, if not than there’s not enough from the 4 spot and the bench. Still a pretty good team though and with Melo and Williams that team will score.

14) Championship Crew (tfitz/Iowa Hawkeyes): Nash looks like his old self this year which is a good thing; this team also has good frontcourt depth though they lack a good scorer in the frontcourt. Pierce and Iggy are both good on both sides of the ball and Iggy should be a nice fit with Nash.

15) The Ambulance (WBC_147): This team could get a nice seed in the tourney because Stat is going to be a matchup nightmare for most of the division. Carter and Deng will also score. But Brad Miller and Andre Miller shouldn’t be starting. Also I don’t know what’s going to happen with AI but if he retires than that’s a big loss for your team. Still this team could be dangerous to their division.

16) MM's Moms Checklist (lakers2408): Not Lakers fault because he took over the team after they missed the first round and with Pau being out and Calderon, Artest and Salmons all having off years so far this team may struggle. Still they have a great coach so I wouldn’t be surprised if this team improves drastically at the next trading period.

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Vote for Death by Dunk and Florkansas Gatorbacks

Fat Lever will guard Pistol PeteWell Pistol's gonna score no matter what you do but you are choosing to limit his penetration which is a nice move because that should also help with his setting up the offense because Pistol was great at driving and kicking it out nice move. He'll still score but you should make his a jump shooter.
Dumars is going to take Dominique Wilkins.Okay so Buc has Nique on the wing looking to drive but will take the 3 if wide open. You are playing somewhat lose looking to give him the J. Nice move here for DD, Nique was not nearly as dangerous when he was being played though becuase Howard is coming out of the paint to PnR and Mikan won't be in the deep post Wilkins should get some easy layups if he gets by Dumars.
Dantley will defend EnglishI understand that this is your only option and you would rather have English scoring than Nique or Psitol but with an open lane and you playing him tight i think that English is going to have a nice night.
Bob Pettit will defend MikanWell it sounds like Mikan will mostly be in the high post which is lucky for you because down low i think he could over power Pettit but out on the high post i think that Pettit will do okay, Mikan has an okay night. Also the rebounding battle should be pretty close.
Parish will take Dwight HowardOkay good move, Howard won't be doing a ton of scoring with Parish on him but he is coming out of the paint which will take Parish out of your paint, and open it up for Pistol, English and Nique they will all get some easy buckets because of this but not much you could do about that.
When Nash is in the ballgame we will run n gun for most of his minutes. When Lever is at PG, we will slow things down and go into the half court set which will be the followingGot it run 17 minutes, half court for 31. 
Lever will bring the ball up the court an donce he has dished it off he will be on the perimeter, either on the weakside corner or at the top of the key. He will come in for rebounding oppurutunities however. 
Okay well it doesn't sound like hes a huge part of your scoring offesne just set up the offense and go for rebounds and take easy shots. He should do well in this role, especially the robounds when Parrish leaves the paint and he can rebound better than anyone else on the court in the backcourt.
Dumars will also be operating on the perimeter,
Okay good move here Dumars should have a nice game against English, they are playing him tight but you are running some PnR's so he should get some easy open jumpers.
Adrian Dantley will be on the opposite side to Pettit, in the elbow.Good move Dantley should get some easy buckets on Nique especially when Dwight gets draged out of the paint.

When Nash comes in, we'll pick up the pace and look to challenge the defense in every way possible.Okay i like Nash as a change of pace point guard he should be fine on offense and if FG is running at the same time that could be a very fun few minutes to watch.OK, to start the game, we'll be running similar sets to what Ripnu Ginobiliton used against them.
Ok i think that this should work pretty well.
That set is going to be mixed with the 1-3-1 that we used against CC. Maravich/Parker at the top. Mikan/O'Neal setting the screen or setting up at the elbow. Nique/English/Battier on the wings. And Howard or O'Neal in the low post. Hooefully y'all remember the options of the offense.
Again not gonna break this down a ton but i think it should work pretty well, the wings should do some damage in this.
 Ok, this game, we're going 10 minutes of the "HELL" set.This should work okay on offense but on defense im still not sold. I know you put Battier in there but i don't like him on Pettit or Heinshon at all. He is going to get tourched by Heinshon in the post and Pettit was just too good of a scorer to be stoped.
 Lever will be guarded by whomever is at PG.Okay well he isn't a huge part of there offense so i don't think he'll give you a ton of trouble.
Dumars will be guarded by the SG. We're gonna stay in his face and dont let him get clean shots off.
They're coming up and setting some picks for him so he should get some open shots.
Dantley will be guarded by whomever is at SF except in the run n gun lineup where he'll be guarded by Nique.Don't like this much either i think Dantleys going to tourch Nuque.
Petit will be guarded by Mikan to start. Hand in face, and stay in front. Don't try and block his shots. Hand in face. During the HELL said, Battier will be on him. We expect Petit to be at the high post instead of the post so Battier should slow him down. I think Pettit should have a nice game i don't think Mikan is quick enough to keep up with Pettit, and Battier i don't like either. He does fine against other wing players but i don't like him on a power forward i don't care where that forward is playing they will win that battle everytime. (Lucas over ArtestTongue out).
 Parish will be guarded by Howard. We want to keep him off the boards and other than that, we arent too worried. If he starts hitting some jumpers, we'll adjustParrish will score some but he'll have a pretty average overal.

Overall- Ok for DD i think that Dumars, Dantley and Pettit should have a nice game, for FG English and Mikan should have nice games, and Nique and Pistol will get there points as should Parrish for DD. I think the starters are all pretty even and i think it should be a close game but i think that DD pulls away a little bit when Battier is on Pettit/Heinsohn, i really don't like that matchup and i think thats the difference in this game.

Vote DD

Score 117- 113
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Corey Brewer

Okay Wolves fans as we all know we have a huge hole at the shooting guard position after the losses of Randy Foye and Mike Miller. But I think we have a good replacement for them at the 2 spot in Corey Brewer.

Brewer is by far are best defensive player on the team, he is a pesky defender that has great size and quickness just lacks strength. We also don't have a shooting guard that’s worthy of a starting job on our team right now so I think that Brewer should get the job. Yes Brewer is supposed to be a small forward but if you think about it Brewer might do better at shooting guard.

He would still guard the opposing team’s best wing player (either small forward or shooting guard) but he would also be guarded by the opposing teams shooting guard. This would give him a big size advantage in terms of height wise. Also most of the time shooting guards aren't as strong as small forwards so it would help cover up his lack of strength which is one of the reasons he has trouble on offense.

Also I think it is important to get Brewer more minutes. Last year he played 25 minutes or more 6 times and the wolves won 5 of those. Now I know this isn't a huge amount of games so it could be a coincidence but it's not like we have anything to lose by playing him just my idea let me know what you think about it.

So I know that Brewer wasn't a good draft pick but I still think we should give him another chance to succeed.

Posted on: June 25, 2009 2:57 am

Breakdown of lottery teams.

This is a breakdown of all the lottery teams in the NBA and what they should do and what i think they will do in my opinion in the draft.

Clippers- draft Blake Griffin They have already said they intend to take him this ones a no brainer.

Grizzlies- The word out of the Grizzlies front office is that they like Hasheem Thabeet a lot at the number 2 spot but there are a couple of teams (Timberwolves, kings and Knicks) that are looking to move up to this spot to take Rubio. If i were in there front office id see what the best offer you can get for the pick is and take it. Gasol is already a good defensive center they need scoring down low which is something that Thabeet doesn't supply so i don't really get it.

Thunder- Well if Thabeet is there i think they grab him but if Thabeet is gone don't be surprised if they trade this pick to one of those 3 teams i listed above (Wolves, Kings, Knicks) and one of them grab Rubio. They need some frontcourt help especially on the deffensive side of the ball, Thabeet would be a nice fit or trade the pick.

Kings- They might try to move up to get Rubio but im guessing that they stay put and go for a point guard. There are rumors that they like Tyreke Evans quite a bit as well as Rubio and if either are there they will take one of them. If both are avliable (highly doubt that would happen but you never know) i would go with Rubio but the word on the street is that they like Evans more.

Timberwolves- They are in a very very nice position with 4 first rounders im pretty sure that they won't stay where they are and they will make some kind of move. They are very interested in Rubio and are trying to move up too the 2 spot to draft him if they can't get that done im guessing they will go after the 2 spot. If they do get Rubio and give up say the 5th and 18th with the 6th they should go for a shooting guard in maybe Evans or Harden.

Warriors- They could look at Jordan Hill here but im guessing that they go with one of the young points maybe Holliday, Jennings, Evans, Curry or Flynn. 

Knicks- Well they are looking to move up to get Rubio but id have to say that the wolves have the better bargin chips and therefore have the upper hand in the Rubio sweepstakes. If they Knicks can't get a deal to move up and take Rubio they might still try to move up to make sure they get Curry. They really like him and they think hed be a nice fit for them so if they feel that theres danger of him going before there pick comes up otherwise they will stay there and take him most likely. If hes gone they will go for another guard.

Raptors- They really need athletesim and there is a player that can give them that, Demar DeRozan. I don't see them moving up for anybody and i don't see anybody moving up to this spot so i think they will go with DeRozan and hope he turns out well.

Bucks- They will probably go for a point guard here as reasurance in case Sessions leaves, so they go with the best avliable point guard prospect here.

Nets- They don't need a point guard or a center. They might go for Blair and to team up with Lopez but i doubt it i think they will go for the versatle forward Earl Clark. He has as much potential as anyone else in this draft. Also if one of the top point guards slips to this point they could trade back to some team looking for a point.

Bobcats- They have told Gerald Henderson that they will take him if hes still there and if they keep the pick they probably would however if one of the top points is still around (Holliday, Jennings, Flynn) they could like the Nets trade the pick to someone looking for a point guard.

Pacers- They could use some toughness in a bad way and Blair would fir that Bill so he could be interesting here. If Hill slips this far they would probably go for him, the other thing they could do is draft one of the points whichever is still there. 

Suns- They could use a back up point for Nash and i think that they will go for a point.

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2009 NBA Mock Draft

Clippers: Blake Griffin- They could use either Rubio or Griffin but they will go Griffin and give themselves a deep frontcourt. They should shop some of their other big's to try to get a point guard to take over for Baron.

Grizzlies: Ricky Rubio- Not sure how he’ll play with Mayo and I wouldn’t be surprised if they shopped this pick to see if they could get a nice power forward. Both Rubio and Mayo want the ball in crunch time and I think they could have problems together though I hope it works out for them.

Thunder: Hasheem Thabeet- This will give them a defensive presence in the frontcourt, if he can solidify the paint for them next year they could make a run for a playoff spot.

Kings: Tyreke Evans- There frontcourt is set as well as their shooting guard spot. That being said there point guard and small forward spots are a mess. Since there isn’t a small forward worth taking here I say they go with Evans and try to get a good young point to run with their frontcourt and it gives them a little size.

Wizards: Jordan Hill- They can move Butler to the 2 and Jamison to the 3 and then put Hill at the 4. Also this would give Hill some time to mature and learn from Jamison and help move his offense along. He will bring toughness to the team that they lack without Haywood.

Timberwolves: James Harden- They need a lot of things and shooting guard isn’t exactly one of them but Harden is a potential  second scorer to Al Jefferson so I think they take him and bank on there being a point guard available latter on in the draft.

Warriors: Brandon Jennings- This is the perfect fit for them in my opinion, Jennings is a very athletic point guard that can run or play in the half court, he should complement the rest of the team very well if they stay healthy and play as a team they could be a playoff team next year.

Knicks: Stephen Curry- With Lee and Robinson both probably leaving in free agency they need a frontcourt player badly but I don’t really think there’s a good one available and since they already have a small forward and Curry will provide some scoring on a team that is desperate for it.

Raptors: Demar DeRozan- they need a scorer from the wing in a bad way and DeRozan has the potential to fill that hole, also they would be a very athletic team with Bosh and DeRozan.

Bucks: Jonny Flynn- They need a good point guard that can penetrate and provide some scoring and toughness. That is exactly what Flynn brings to the table, though he is a little undersized he has a nice wingspan and he can penetrate so I think he could be good in the bucks system.

Nets: Earl Clark- They have a good center and a pair of good guards but they need a forward Clark can play either of the forward positions and though he is raw he’s got a lot of potential, also he gives them a wing defender which is something they lack right now.

Bobcats: DeJuan Blair- They need another frontcourt player to play with Okafor and I think that Blair can combine with him to make one of the best rebounding frontcourts. They will be under sized but they are both very strong and they need a frontcourt player badly.

Pacers:  Ty Lawson- They won’t have a starting point guard if T.J. Ford leaves next year plus he’s injury prone but Lawson could be a great backup and eventually start. He’s undersized but he’s still tough and he can get into the lane they still need a big man but Lawson is a good start and he should be able to have their offense running much more efficient.

Suns: Eric Maynor- It’s time to start grooming a new point guard behind Nash and Maynor is a great option. He is a very smart player that can score and pass he could be a great player and he even struggles on defense.

Pistons: Gerald Henderson- They don’t need him but at this point they won’t be able to resist him, he is a lottery talent player and he gives them more youth in the backcourt, he can learn from Rip for a little bit and then turn into a great player.

Bulls: James Johnson- They are solid in the backcourt but there frontcourt is still lacking, Johnson probably won’t play much right away but eventually he could be worth the wait. Thomas is a nice player but he shouldn’t be starting and Johnson could someday be there starter.

76ers:  B.J. Mullins- Now some people may think this is a little early for Mullins but   I think this is the perfect system for him, he is an athletic big and can provide some depth for them this year. Speight’s can move over to the 4 and with those 2 up front they can have a great young athletic team to run with.

Timberwolves: Jrue Holliday- The wolves get there starting point guard right here, he might not start right away but eventually he could be very good. With Holliday and Harden in the backcourt and Love and Jefferson up front they could be almost 500 next year.

Hawks: Jeff Teague- Bibby is getting older but if they resign him for a year he could provide a mentor for Teague. Teague can provide some scoring off the bench next year and then after that he can take over for the Hawks.

Jazz: Terrence Williams- They don’t have any huge weaknesses so they just go for the best player available here.  He kind of reminds me of Courtney Lee; he brings toughness to them and brings some good defense.

Hornets: Chase Budinger- They could use a backup point guard for CP3 but I think it’s a little early for Collison or Mills so I think they add some depth to the 2 and 3 spots. Last year there bench had some problems and I think that Budinger could provide some nice scoring off the bench.

Mavericks: Darren Collison- Jason Kidd is getting old and only has 1-2 more years left tops, Collison could backup Kidd this year and learn from Kidd, and then take over at the point in a couple years.

Kings: Austin Daye- The Kings need a wing player, they have a solid young frontcourt and a good set of young guards in the backcourt with Evans and Martin but Daye can play the 3 or provide depth at the 4. He’s not ready to play yet and he must hit the weight room yet but if the Kings are patient with him he could turn into a very nice player.

Trailblazers: Gani Lawal- They don’t really have any huge needs and I think they just take a project here, and hope he turns out and with their luck he will.

Thunder: Tyler Hansbrough- They already got their defensive center in Thabeet and now they get a high energy tough guy to bring off the bench or to make an occasional start. He could be a nice fit for this team.

Bulls: Marcus Thorton- With Ben Gordan possibly leaving in free agency they need to get some insurance at the 2. Thorton is very under rated in my opinion, he can get into the lane and has great defense, and he could be a nice compliment to Rose.

Grizzlies: Wayne Elliington- Last year at the end of the year O.J. started slumping because he was playing huge minutes last year, Ellington can provide some relief for Mayo off the bench and the Grizz won’t miss him as much because Ellington like Mayo is a great shooter.

Timberwolves: Sam Young- They filled both guard spots and just take the best player available in young. He is a good scorer and though the wolves don’t really need another wing and they need size down low, seeing as there aren’t any good centers left I think they go for a player that can provide some nice bench scoring and athleticism.

Lakers: Pattrick Mills- Fisher is starting to get up there in years and Farmar doesn’t look like a great starter so they take Mills with the slight hope that he can be a starter eventually or at least be a good backup for Farmar.

Cavaliers: Toney Douglus- they don’t really have any huge needs so they just add another scorer for LeBron to dish off to.

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